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Zane Timpson Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth and Death


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Zane Timpson was an American skateboarder and author. He is popular for displaying his skating skills on Instagram and YouTube. Zane Timpson was born in 1995 in Encinitas, California, United States


Zane Timpson is professional skateboarder. He is popular for displaying his skating skills across various social media platforms.

Zane Timpson was a member of the Bones Wheels Team alongside multiple amateur and pro riders.

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He was profiled alongside his fellow-skater Adam Anorga, as they rode down San Francisco’s iconic steep hills by The New Yorker in April 2021.

He is sponsored by Heroin Skateboards, Westernworld Clothing, adidas (flow), McGills Skate Shop, Bones Wheels (flow), Dakine, Heel Bruise (flow), Jessup and Bronson.

At the age of 26, Zane Timpson released his first book titled “SufferLove”.

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Zane Timpson Net Worth

According to The Sun, Zane Timpson is estimated to worth between $20,000 to $31,000

Instagram Handle

Zane Timpson Instagram handle is @zanetimpson


On November 16, 2021, Zane Timpson was rumored to have died at the age of 26.

According to skateboarder Jordan Maxham who spoke about Timpson’s alleged death, saying:

“I cried all day yesterday. I hugged your pro model board that you signed for me. I took it skating with me and went frontside the whole time. I read our texts and called you.

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“You didn’t answer. I left you a voice mail that nobody will hear. If they do, They won’t understand cause I could barely speak through the flood of tears.

“I woke up crying again today, I still can’t grasp the fact that you are away.”

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