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Wins or losses, which should we focus more on?



Israel Olorunnisola Pulse Contributor

There is a common saying, ‘celebrate your small wins, but what should we do over our huge losses?

Wins or losses, which should we focus more on?

On a cold Wednesday morning, while on a ride to my lecture hall, I came across someone I had a history with. Suddenly, I felt overwhelmed with severe thoughts of ambiguity that clouded bits of guilt, regret, and painful memories. And then, in the blink of an eye, as I alighted from the car, ready to storm into my exam hall, that feeling of incertitude became substituted with an inner peace that accompanied the awareness of the lesson my experience with that particular individual taught me.

Another time last year, during the lockdown, I began an online business with the sole aim to create income in a covid-19 ravaged world. I put a lot of money into the startup and project lunch. Disappointingly the net profit paled compared to the startup cost. I could look back at the debit alerts and wallow in pity and regret over poor planning and whatever factors are ruining entrepreneurship. Still, I got up, took notes and studied the flaws, so I won’t make the same mistake again in the next model I’ll be venturing into soon.

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The truth is, whether it’s with relationships, businesses, investments, most times, we focus more on the ‘loss’ and completely dismiss the modest ‘gain’ that accompanies it, no matter how small or magnanimous it might be. Us taking lessons is the win, and that should champion whatever sense of loss that we may feel [Because at the end of the day, what is done is done]. What matters is the following decisive decisions and choices; we take.

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Have you, at any point, done anything relating to business, relationships, academics, spirituality or any aspect that left you with a bitter taste of loss or regret, guilt or pride, win or loss? Here’s your sign to get up and focus on the bright side. If it’s a win, congrats! If it’s a win, celebrate; if it’s a loss, still celebrate! Because even in the tremendous losses, there is always a win in the corner that’s demanding our attention.

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Israel Olorunnisola is a freelance creative. When he is not writing about Film, Music, TV or Pop culture he is telling stories on Wattpad.

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