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Watch Winnie Wingonia Ikpi's horror short film 'Otana'



Precious ‘Mamazeus’ Nwogu

The horror short film centers on sexual abuse.

Wingonia Ikpi's directorial debut 'Otana' [Instagram]

Wingonia Ikpi has officially premiered her directorial debut ‘Otana’. The filmmaker recently announced that the short film is now available to watch on YouTube.

Written, produced and directed by Ikpi, the horror short film follows Peace, a young lady dealing with the trauma of a sexual abuse experience.

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In a moment of luck, Peace stumbles on a demon escaping hell and they bond over a common ground of pain and vengeance.

The film stars Evelyn John (in the lead role as Peace). A sexual abuse warrior herself, John is said to have drawn from the past trauma to play the role.

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In supporting roles are Uche Chika E., Tolu Odebunmi, Olawande Adetula and Chinyere Ogbonnaya. The short film was shot in 2019 and co-produced by Juliet Ezeigwe.

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