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Ladies, what to do if your man's libido is lower than yours

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There seems to be a culture of sexual outspokenness in the male gender that makes it easy to conclude that men are more sex-crazed than women. In reality, however, things aren’t as entirely white and black as that.

There are women who want it like multiple times, many days in a week and we’re not talking quickies here.

So what happens when that woman is you, and your partner can’t seem to keep up with your ravenous appetite for sex? How do you deal with a man whose libido is lower than yours?

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If your man never seems able to meet up to your sexual appetite, it is frustrating as hell. [Credit - Blackish-ABC]

One of the worst things you could possibly do to yourself is automatically think that this is your fault somehow. If there’s nothing to point to the contrary, then your default approach to the issue has to be that that is how the man is, and not your fault.

It’s not because you are unattractive or wack at sex or anything. Point is, don’t rush to pin his low sex drive on yourself.

Stop blaming yourself for what's not your fault. [Credit - Giphy]

2. A dip in his sex drive is not [always] because he’s cheating

If your man is the type who could go at it for hours and multiple times a week and suddenly can’t keep up anymore, don’t be quick to conclude that he’s been getting his fix from another dealer.

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Sometimes, loss of libido is caused as a side effect of medication, sometimes its stress and other physical and psychological factors.

That’s your man, and it really wouldn’t hurt to be supportive. Nudge him towards the doctor’s if he’s feeling nervous or anxious about going to see one. The fear of the worst could be crippling but if you care, help him get to the bottom of what his problem is.

You can care about him enough to genuinely overlook the sexual incompatibility while still getting as many orgasms as you truly want all by yourself. [Credit - Giphy]

4. Self pleasure is an option

If you don’t mind being in the relationship for the long haul, you can still keep the man, your relationship… and a side supply of orgasms to make up for the deficit, all without cheating on him.

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5. Be ruthless enough to dump him if need be

Don’t be surprised that many men can’t actually deal with women who have a higher sex drive than them. They think they do, but in reality when they meet one they can’t keep up with, they get in their feelings [ego] and may start acting strange. Best believe, this toxicity will leak into other parts of the relationship.

If he’s that kind of guy, and if sex means too much to you to be stuck with this kind of man forever, you don’t have to stick around. Accept that the incompatibility is not negligible and bounce.

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