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King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal officially weds Emmanuella Ropo (photo/videos)


Veteran Nigerian musician, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal 1 and his stunning bride, Emmanuella Ropo, have tied the knot.

The much publicized ceremony took place in Abeokuta today. The wedding which was well attended by socialites and friends of the couple took place despite alleged threats from friends of his wife, Titi Masha who have reportedly vowed to ruin the relationship between Emmanuella and the Fuji crooner.

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Friends, family, royal dignitaries, socialites, business mogul all gathered to serenade the couple on their special day.

Held amidst tight security and flamboyance, many guests adhered to the color code if the day by adorning pink lace, pink headgear and ipele for the women while the men wore white agbada and pink cap. Those who couldn’t stick to the dress code ensured they used the headgear and ipele.

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The event started with a customary wedding which was followed closely by a Nikkai ceremony and a reception thereafter. The couple wore white ensemble for their Nikkai ceremony before changing into a more elaborate cloth for the reception. The bride wore Damask wrapper and headgear with pink lace while the groom had a brown agbada and Damask cap on at the reception.

Emmanuella who was practicing Christian before meeting K1 de Ultimate was given the opportunity to continue practicing her religion. He however gave her an Islamic name while the Nikkai ceremony was going on. She was named Nana Baliqis by her husband. Melodious tunes from the groom’s collections was on repeat during the reception ceremony as guests rocked the dance floor and enjoyed sumptuous meals on display.

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Watch video below.

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