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Aspira, the leading multinational company


Aspira Nigeria Ltd., part of Lee Group of Companies, is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Hygiene/Personal care & Laundry care products in Nigeria.

Aspira, the leading multinational company

Our operations in Nigeria span over a decade with an enduring commitment to the daily lives of consumers. Aspira commenced its operations in Nigeria in 2009, and have started local production of various brands of soaps & detergents. Aspira Nigeria has its manufacturing plant & HQ based in Kano, Nigeria.

With a strong portfolio of over 8 leading brands: Viva Plus, Oracare toothpaste, Sabil, Chic white soap, Family Care soap, Baby & Me, Fizz, Manuka soap, MP3 soap, 3D soap, Nurture Red Soap, caro fair soap, flower secrete jelly and viva pomade.

We raise consumer satisfaction and market standards by offering world-class products.

Our products are divided into three major sections;

• personal care and hygiene

Aspira, the leading multinational company

Designed to take care of your body and protect you from germs.

Personal care and hygiene: Aspira skin care products include specially crafted soaps that are gentle on delicate baby skin. The mild fragrance keeps your baby smelling good and feeling fresh for long. These soaps are mild on babies but harsh on disease causing germs and bacteria, keeping baby skin soft and healthy. Trust Aspira to look after your baby’s skin just as you would, and bring home our range of baby care products.

Aspira beauty products are designed for the lovely young women who want to care for their skin and maintain it soft and supple at all times. Our beauty soaps give you a rich and creamy lather that washes away all the grime, dirt and germs you may

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have accumulated throughout the day, leaving you refreshed and your skin rejuvenated. Pamper your skin with our range of premium beauty soaps, and feel like a queen – after all, you deserve it. Feel the lather caress your skin as it efficiently removes harmful pollutants and irritants from your skin, and enjoy the bliss!

Aspira organic skin care products include a range of skin jellies – protect your skin from the effects of harsh sun and keep it smooth and moisturized. Delay the onset of skin spots, wrinkles and help soothe irritated skin, heal minor cuts and burns, prevent diaper rash, with our range of jellies. A specially created mild formula is available for use on delicate baby skin; we also offer premium beauty petroleum jelly, mid

range jelly for the whole family, and for those with sensitive skin. Our jelly products come in attractive bottles, and even your little ones will want to use them. Protect the skin of your entire family with Aspira petroleum jelly.

Our range of personal care and hygiene products also include Aspira laundry essentials. Our detergent bars and powders are carefully designed products that provide sanitation in addition to great washing and stain removal. Our technicians came up with a super-efficient formula that causes no damage to your fabrics while ensuring that all the dirt and stains are washed right off in a single wash. What’s more, our detergent bars are mild on your hands, so you don’t have to worry about skin irritation or rashes.

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Aspire, the leading multinational company

The new secrete to your smile.

Dental care: You’re ensured the perfect seven with Oracare + that guarantees 12- hour dental protection. With extra fresh gel to protect your tooth from decay, Oracare+ is highly recommended for your dental care needs!

strengthens teeth, fights cavities, combats tartar build-up, whitens teeth, freshens breath, reduces plague, Ensure healthy gum

It comes in different sizes 50g, 90g, 140g to suit every household.

Aspira, the leading multinational company

The perfect solution for cleaning your fabrics.

laundry essentials: Aspira Laundry cleaning products can be used by everyone – whether you wash clothes by hand or in the washing machine, we have just the right

detergent for you. Aspira Laundry Soaps are gentle on hands but tough on dirt and grime, and deliver the freshest, cleanest clothes after every single wash.

Fizz; is one of the finest of Multipurpose Soap which produces a rich foaming lather that washes out dirt and stains without damaging fabric fiber, fading colors, or harming your skin in any way. It contains aloe vera extract which protects your skin as you wash, and helps in decontaminating the clothes.

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Aspira, the leading multinational company

Viva; is a multipurpose bar soap from Aspira product line, made from high quality ingredients and contains natural oils and Vitamin E – which means it’s safe to bathe with, as well as wash clothes. The soap lathers well, hydrates your skin, and leaves your clothes clean and smelling fragrant. Manuka and MP3 are other washing soaps that are highly affordable and effective, and gives you a great wash every time.

Aspira, the leading multinational company

Viva Plus; is from the viva plus laundry sanitizer range, and is a powerful formula that eliminates disease causing bacteria, and bad odors. It protects colors and your skin, and keeps clothes looking and smelling great, wash after wash. It is suitable for use in washing machines or for hand wash, as well.

Aspira, the leading multinational company

In conclusion, Aspira has a widespread and efficient network all over the country, and it is available in all markets, supermarkets, pharmacies and shops nationwide.

Every Aspira laundry detergent carries with it the promise of safety, quality, and effectiveness. If you have not yet tried our vast range of laundry care essentials, now is a good time to start! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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