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Adele's reunion with her English teacher inspires 5 people to talk about their favorite teachers


Teachers leave a mark on their student’s lives.

Adele is moved to tears seeing her former teacher [cnn]

One of the most unappreciated jobs in the world is that of a teacher. Apart from the parent, the grown-up a young child is in regular contact with is their teacher.

Teachers have the chance to shape the life and the future of a child. No one would be anything today without a teacher teaching them to read, write, do sums, and identify objects.

Yet in all the parts of the world menial workers earn more than some teachers do.

British singer, Adele, reminded all of us of special teachers in our lives following her recent reunion with her English teacher at her concert.

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When actress Emma Thompson asked the singer if there was someone who supported, inspired or protected her ‘from all the trials and tribulations of life’ when she was a child, she replied, “I had a teacher at Chestnut Grove, who taught me English. That was Miss McDonald.

“She was so bloody cool, so engaging. She really made us care and we knew that she cared about us.”

I asked five people who their favourite teachers were and here is what they had to say:

“My English Language teacher in senior secondary school, Miss Iwuoha. She was kind, gentle, and our interactions deepened my love for all things literature. I write for a living today and she’s one of the reasons.”

“Dr T.U Akpoghome. She’s my favourite because of her attention to detail and because she’s interested in passing the actual knowledge across to her students. She’s also very kind.”

“Mrs Oladoyin. She was very caring and kind. Treated me like her child. Remember one time I was sick. She took care of me.”

“DVD (that’s all I remember he was called). He was my favourite because he made me like mathematics. There’s a way he explains it.”

“Mr Osifeso. Maths teacher. He was good at his job and was a decent person. He was friendly and would hang with the guys too.”

The mark a good teacher leaves is indelible. It is often said that a teacher’s reward is in heaven but it wouldn’t hurt if they reaped some earthly benefits too.

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