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5 important reasons you must floss your teeth


Bad breath can kill and that is why flossing is important.

Flossing is important [istockphoto]

There are different types of dental floss but the most common are; dental toothpick and floss tape.

A tooth has about five surfaces and a toothbrush can not reach all the surfaces (it can reach just two) especially the edges of the teeth where food usually gets trapped.

If food is trapped in those crevices, it leads to plaque, bacteria build up and other consequences.

This is why it is important to floss. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why flossing is important:

Plaque leads to gingivitis [Arudhra Dental Care]

Plaques are whitish substances that form around your teeth and gums.

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When you eat carbohydrates, snacks, pastries and soda, bacteria is released into your mouth and body to break down these foods.

If you do not brush or floss after eating these foods, plaques form in your teeth and that leads to other problems.

Cavities are little holes in the teeth or enamel that eventually leads to tooth decay. Plaques lead to cavities and cavities lead to tooth decay.

Flossing immediately after every meal prevents plaque and that reduces the chances of getting cavities.

If you do not floss, we have established that your mouth becomes a breeding place for bacteria; bacteria irritate the gums. Left untreated, it leads to gingivitis which makes the gums red, swollen and puffy.

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There is nothing as embarrassing as having bad breath and there is no way to escape bad breath if you do not floss. When you eat food it gets trapped in your teeth and leaving those particles there causes bad breath.

When people say bad breath kills, we often pass it off but do you know that you can technically die from bad breath? How?

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Bad breath leads to gingivitis, gingivitis enters into the blood and causes heart diseases, diabetes and other respiratory illnesses. If left untreated, bacteria in an unhealthy mouth can harm the rest of your body.

All these negative effects can be avoided if you floss after every meal.

Use a dental tape or dental toothpick to clean the areas a toothbrush cannot reach.

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