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5 cleaning hacks for tough stains


These are five cleaning hacks to get rid of tough stains and make your cleaning easier.

Unexpected stains are hard to clean

Household items and waste can easily be recycled and used to clean really tough stains.

These are five common things laying around the house that can help with stain removal:

A bowl of milk can get rid of ink stains

Ink stains can happen unexpectedly. While writing, in your bag, shirt, or while on your bed, your pen might spill its ink.

Ink stains seem impossible to get rid of but do not worry about that.

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Soak the stained cloth in a bowl of milk and watch the stain evaporate.

Egg shells are reusable for cleaning

We have all been victims of burning our food while cooking and ending up with the unfortunate consequence – a blackened pot. Well, this does not have to be the worst thing in the world.

Use broken eggshells to scrub your pot and the grime will disappear.

Lime is a perfect bleach substitute

Eggshells contain calcium carbonate which means that air and moisture can pass through their surface and it is perfect for hard surface cleaning.

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Lime also contains calcium and it is acidic. Mix these two substances and soak the stained part of the cloth with it.

Coca-Cola is very acidic and you can use it to clean your kitchen sink and toilet.

Hairbrushes are difficult to clean [digitalmomblog]

Maybe you have been using your hairbrush for a long time. Somehow, hair got mixed up with dirt and it doesn’t look so nice anymore.

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Remove the hair with a smaller comb.

Get a warm bowl of water, add some shampoo and baking soda.

Dip your hairbrush in the solution and watch it come out clean.

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