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3 things that have changed about how DJ Cuppy looks


DJ Cuppy has switched up her look recently and she looks great.

DJ Cuppy has gone through a mini transformation

DJ Cuppy, born Florence Otedola, is a British-Nigerian DJ and daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola.

We have known DJ Cuppy with pink hair but her makeup and style have been a little weird and eccentric.

Cuppy has made questionable fashion choices in the past

These were not her best looks

So, what has changed about the way DJ Cuppy dresses?

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Prior, her wig didn’t sit well, looked cheap (even though it very likely wasn’t), and needed some refurbishment. Now we have her wearing a well-laid luscious-looking wig.

London girls are best known for how they lay their wigs and it is a good thing that DJ is reminding us of that.

London girls are also known for flawless makeup.

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Did DJ Cuppy get better at makeup or get a new makeup artist? Whatever the answer is, her new makeup is popping. Simple and neutral but undeniably beautiful.

Before, DJ Cuppy paid no mind to styling her clothes but now we can see she cares about what she wears and she has received some styling direction.

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We love to see it! Keep it up, DJ Cuppy.

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