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10 best gifts for your man


Everyone deserves a gift, even your man.

Men deserve gifts too [pexels]

Many occasions would warrant getting them a gift, birthday, Christmas, or just because. Be that woman that spoils her man with gifts and all he needs.

Here are the top 10 gifts you man will appreciate

Yes, I am starting with money. A man should not be the only one spending money on you. Show him you care about his finances by giving him money – cash, its equivalent in crypto or other means of storing wealth.

Shoes are a man's best friend [istockphoto]

Every man loves a good pair of shoes. It could be dress/corporate shoes like oxfords or brogues or casual shoes like Nike or Adidas sneakers and slides.

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Buy AirPods or smartwatches if they do not have them already or the newest version. It would be a great gift to get for your favourite person.

Does he like suits or traditional attires? Get his measurements and get him one of the outfits he would like.

Most men love a good watch, buy your man a diamond-studded watch and watch him fall in love with you again.

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macbooks are great gifts [digitaltrends]

Love is sweeter with money, they say. Make your man feel good with a MacBook or new laptop and he will be telling all and sundry about you.

An Xbox or PES. Get him any of these and you will be one of the few women to do it.

Women are known for stealing hoodies, be one of the few queens to buy your man one.

Everyone loves a good fragrance. Whenever he puts on his perfume, he thinks of you.

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The common saying is food is a way to a man’s heart. Try making a delicious three-course meal for your man if you do not do it often.

These are high and low end gifts. You can find one or two gifts from the ones listed above that won’t cost so much money.

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